"I am happy with my membership." -Rafael Munoz

"In November of 2018, we were interns in Lake Tahoe."
Danilo S.

"I worked for a producer for the last two months and enjoyed my experience. I learned a lot. I had to go back home but have dreams of working in the Hollywood someday."
Anh Pham, Thailand

"Incredible resource for international students."
-Roy, German Intern

"I was recently accepted for an internship with a law office in Los Angeles this summer. I am very excited to start!"
-Mila, US Student



"I recommend USA-internships.com to international students who want to gain work experience in the US. " -Tom G (International student recruiter)

"Good listings and updated often." -Siyao Xu

"USA-Internships.com is also a good housing resource for our interns in the US." -International Student recruiter

 "I Interned for 2 summers during my stay in New Jersey. I also lived with a host family" -Ingrid Sinai

"Interned with a social media company at the same time as studying ESL" -Yao S

"I was able to secure a paid internship with an accounting firm. I am really looking forward to this opportunity and ready to begin my career." -Christina Kahlen, Sacramento (Intern from Switzerland)

"My internship allowed me to cultivate my skill set by performing in a sales and marketing environment."-Carlos, Mexico

"USA-Internships is a valuable resource for my business" -Austin, Hale Street Mgmt.

"I had a fantastic time working as an assistant event planner. I learned valuable skills." -Olaf, Germany

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