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Anh Pham, Thailand

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Bridging the Gap—Paid Internships Help Students Learn Without the Financial Burden

While internships are an invaluable aspect of our education, not everyone has the luxury of volunteering to work without compensation in exchange for industry experience. The growing trend of older and non-traditional students, as well as those who are economically disadvantaged, means that many qualified students miss out on important experiences; they simply can’t afford to participate in an internship without some type of compensation. The good news is that paid internship opportunities are on the rise. While paid internship programs were rare in the past, many companies now offer compensation for internships so that they attract the best and brightest students in their industries.

How Can I Find a Paid Internship?

If you are searching for paid internships for college graduates, or paid internships in the USA for international students, USA Internships is your comprehensive source of internship opportunities.

Our extensive and up-to-date database features hundreds of internships across dozens of industries. We also specialize in listings for paid internships for international students in the USA, as well as connecting students with employers that offer alternative compensations, such as housing or travel allowances. We know that the field of paid internships is a competitive one, and that’s why membership with USA Internships can give you the ultimate advantage. Because many companies come straight to us with unadvertised internships, our members often have exclusive access to these listings. You’ll find more opportunities, time-saving tricks, and the confidence in your search results.

How Do I Get Started?

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