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"Thank you so much. I will be working on a cruise ship starting in January."
Danvine Miscloweitz

"I worked for a producer for the last two months and enjoyed my experience. I learned a lot. I had to go back home but have dreams of working in the Hollywood someday."
Anh Pham, Thailand

"Incredible resource for international students."
-Roy, German Intern

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-Mila, US Student


When Your Degree Won’t Cut It--Internship Experience Boosts Your Appeal to Employers

Your education is the greatest asset to your future career but when you are ready to jump into the workforce, you will be facing one of the most competitive job markets in history. In our post-recession economy, fewer jobs mean larger pools of qualified candidates to choose from. Rather than becoming an impressive accomplishment, your university degree has become an expected bare minimum requirement for most employers. With so much competition, how can you set yourself apart from the crowd? The answer is to be armed with the practical, hands-on experience from a quality internship in your chosen industry.

How Can An Internship Set Me Apart?

While classes arm you with invaluable information, internships arm you with invaluable experience. For example, for a fashion student, they may learn design, business, and marketing principles in class, but fashion internships give those students the reality of the day-to-day skills needed to function within that industry. Business and finance students may learn theories and fundamentals, but finance internships show them how those abstract lessons translate into a real career. For those interested in the legal field, international internships for law students offer impressive, résumé-building experience that may mean the difference between work at prestigious firm or a struggling one.

How Can I Find a Quality, Relevant Internship?

At USA Internships, we specialize in connecting students from around the world to top-quality internship opportunities. Whether you are looking for an accounting internship for international students, or a legal, medical, entertainment, or other industry-specific internship, we are here to help. For over a decade, we’ve helped ambitious students gain the experience they need to sharpen their competitive edge in their future careers. If you want to find a position with a CPA in the USA for international students, a challenging marketing internship with a US-based company, or any other specialized internship, we invite you to explore our services.

Through your membership with USA Internships, you will have access to hundreds of internship opportunities and the tools you need to launch your career search to the next level. To learn more, contact us today!