"I like that usa-internships.com offers a wide variety of internships and that many are paid. I feel it was worth the membership fee." -Anna Marcos

"Thank you so much. I will be working on a cruise ship starting in January."
Danvine Miscloweitz

"I worked for a producer for the last two months and enjoyed my experience. I learned a lot. I had to go back home but have dreams of working in the Hollywood someday."
Anh Pham, Thailand

"Incredible resource for international students."
-Roy, German Intern

"I was recently accepted for an internship with a law office in Los Angeles this summer. I am very excited to start!"
-Mila, US Student


USA Internships Connects International Students with the Best US Internships

As a global business leader, the USA offers a wealth of experience for enterprising students around the globe. With hundreds of opportunities for an internship in the USA, international students now have the ability to not only travel to the US for an amazing life experience but they also are able to gain career-elevating exposure in their chosen industries. When searching for an internship for international students in the USA, the process can feel like an overwhelming ordeal. How does an international student find good internships, with reputable companies, and that are truly in line with their career goals?

How Can An International Student Find an Internship in the USA?

At USA Internships, we specialize in helping international students find relevant, quality internships in the USA. When searching for US internships for international students, the listings are endless, and very often, what you see is most certainly not what you’ll get. However, our comprehensive database of USA internships for international students is carefully generated and maintained by our staff, and many US-based companies come straight to us to advertise their internship opportunities. We understand that researching an internship from a world away is a daunting prospect, which is why we empower students with the tools and information they need to secure the best internship for their situations. We connect students with both paid and unpaid internships across all industries, including internships that offer alternative compensations like housing or travel allowances.

What are The Benefits to a USA Internships Membership?

As a leading source of information for international student internships, USA Internships’ membership offers the following benefits:

  • Instant and up-to-date internship and job opportunities.
  • The most bang for your buck. Our database contains many different categories all in one site and for one small fee. It's only $49.99 for one year.
  • International Interns can apply directly to US Employers, cutting out the middle man.
  • Many of our internships are unadvertised publicly. Employers contact us directly to advertise their listings. This gives you a distinct advantage.
  • Your membership is good for one year, ensuring that you have plenty of time to find the perfect internship for you.

Are you ready to find the perfect US internship and have a wonderful life experience while jumpstarting your future career? Contact USA Internships today to get started!