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USA Internships Tips and Advice

Whether this is your first interview or Internship opportunity, the process of interviewing or daily work at an Internship can be difficult and sometimes overwhelming. We have compiled a simple list of Do’s and Don’ts plus additional general advice to aid and assist you in receiving the best possible experience for your interview and or subsequent Internship. As is just about everything, it is very important to be prepared. Being prepared will provide some relief for the pressure you may be going through. Have a nice meal, relax, and get a good rest prior to your interview. Keep in mind the following advice and good luck! Smile!

Here is the list!

DO wear a suit or nice dress if applicable. Try to find out if the office has a dress code beforehand and make changes accordingly. Make sure that it’s comfortable. If it’s not your interviewer will notice and that may send the wrong message. Also, make sure you are clean and neat in appearance at all times.

DON'T wear anything too flashy, including jewelry, piercings or face jewelry. Try to present a conservative image.

DO use a friend to practice some questions and answers before your interview.

DO learn and adhere to all safety rules.

DO turn off your cellular phone or handheld devices during the interview.

DON'T be late under any circumstances. Make sure you are on time. Plan on delays, you may have traffic issues etc. Never go into the office more than 10 minutes early.

DO respect and be friendly to everyone around you and that you come into contact with. Respect the employees at all times.

DO avoid negativity so avoid complaining, appearing arrogant, being late or leaving early.

DO bring a resume in hard copy form even if you already forwarded one via email or fax. Two (2) copies just in case you have two interviewers or some changes occurred.

DON'T make a habit of making jokes. This is not the time or place to do that. It ok to be funny, but be careful not to be offensive.

DO not discuss your salary if applicable with other employees.

DO avoid getting caught up with office politics, Office romances and general office gossip.

DO shake hands when introduced to other employees, superiors, or colleagues.

DO take a moment prior to answering any questions just to make sure you answer it properly. 

DO use appropriate English and remember to say please and thank as often as is applicable to your conversation.

DON'T play with your hair, chew gum or your nails or do anything else that might be distracting from the interview.

DO be prepared to ask questions. As we mentioned on another page, do some research on the company and have a few questions prepared.

DON'T lie or exaggerate. This is a red flag to an employer.

DO send a thank you note. You can email but we think a written letter sent in the mail is more personal and creates another connection.

DO have someone proof-read your resume before you send it in (most people make at least one spelling error on their resume that they don't see on their own).

DO write a cover letter, and put a lot of thought into it.

DON'T use the same generic cover letter for every internship opportunity.

DO consider job shadowing or informational interviews if you can't decide what kind of internship to get.

"put all of your eggs in one basket" and only apply to one internship program.

DO take some time to organize yourself by making a spreadsheet of important deadlines and submission dates.

DO take the time to do research about all of the possibilities to figure out what works best for you

DON'T wait until the last minute to get your materials together.

DO ask professors, friends and colleagues for advice about where to apply.

DO talk about your interests (beyond what is on your resume) to your interviewer to make yourself stand out.

DO ask your supervisor or boss to critique your work regularly so that you will be able to work on your weaknesses.

DON'T be afraid to state your opinion, if someone asks for it.

DO take on extra responsibility if offered.

DON'T take on more than you can handle.

DO ask for help.

DO you job to the best of your ability at all times! Take pride in your work.

DO meet your deadlines in all circumstances.

DO be a team player.

DO ask for things to do during idle times. Your boss will recognize this.

DO set realistic goals.

DO keep a journal during you internship. It’s a great way to assess your experience.

DO take Initiative. Employers love employees that dive into the job at hand.
DO look to someone to be a mentor. This can be very helpful.

DO try to network and build professional relationships.

DO try to leave your internship with tangible accomplishments. Perhaps refer back to your journal entries. This could be helpful in a future resume or interview.

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