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Location:  New York

The Trainee will learn about the HR and Recruiting industry in the US. She will gain knowledge of all steps of the recruiting process. She will gain skills in attracting, recruiting, retaining, developping, coaching and inspiring people. She will gain this knowledge through assisting the Recruiting Coordinator in all aspects of office work including:
Observing client and candidate meetings, updating database for candidates and positions available.
Paid or Unpaid: Unpaid

Location:  Alabama

The internship, study abroad, and volunteer programs are aimed at accomplishing two goals.  One, provide the opportunity for participants, most of which are from developed nations, to actively participate in improving the quality of life by reducing poverty in Argentina.  Two, enrich the lives of the participants by offering the unique experience of complete immersion into Argentine culture.

More specifically, our programs are designed for passionate, determined students that have a strong desire to put their theoretical knowledge into practical use.  Program focuses include social sciences, social work, economic development, business management, marketing, education, human resources, international relations, journalism and more. 

Highly customizable, the program ranges from 30 to 360 days in duration and can be a combination of theoretical lectures and/or practical field work.  Additional short-term opportunities also exist for those interested in responsible tourism. 

Current On-going Projects at Fundación Ideas:

1. Promoting and Teaching Ethics and Values to Local Youth

There are three primary and secondary schools currently targeted in this project, including Martín Fereira (Córdoba), Spilimbergo (Unquillo), and Dalmacio Valez Sarfield (Quilino).

The project aims at counseling groups of teenagers, encouraging them to focus on their studies.  With an increased motivation to do well in school, these students will be better prepared to handle the challenges that affect their families every day. 

Other goals include teaching the students to respect diversity, understand the importance of constructive dialogue, and be more empathetic. 

Program participants receive leadership training in solidarity and community projects, while working first hand with students.  Duties include advising and supporting community activities that aid the development of local youth in the aforementioned schools.

2. Promotion of Citizen Participation Group

As a nonprofit civic organization, Grupo Promotor Participación Ciudadana (GPPC) was founded in 2003 to promote citizen participation in the political issues facing Córdoba.  The organization is also a member of International Observatory of Participatory Democracy.

GPPC’s activities have a wide range of opportunities for interested program participants. 

Here are some examples:

a)    Conduct interviews with secondary school students, offering information on why they should participate in the Participatory Budget.  In the city of Cordoba, people 16 years of age and older may participate in the vote on the mayor prior.

b)    Recruitment of new members for the organization (through committee-based work). GPPC hopes to increase membership by at least 30 in 2008.

c)    Training for increasing citizen participation, strategic planning, and operational planning.  GPPC seeks to instill self-empowerment within citizens.

d)    Monitoring and tracking of the Commitment Municipal Government Transparency and the Promotion of Civic Participation acts signed by the local government. 

e)    Establishment of relations and joint actions with other organizations in the Córdoba province, the rest of Argentina, and other countries around the world that share GPPC’s objectives.

3. Strengthening of Cooperative Artisan Groups

In the small towns of Deán Fúnes, Quilino, and Unquillo, as well as the large city of Córdoba, several cooperative artisan groups have formed to sell their crafts to internal and external markets. 

Project participants are tasked with the development and implementation of business plans, marketing strategies, and e-commerce projects.  Fair Trade (known as Comercio Justo in Spanish) is another primary component of this project.  Other duties also include designing and improving distribution systems, payment collection processes, and related issues.

In addition, the artisan organizations often need instruction in general business principles, ranging from basic finance theory to marketing techniques to operational efficiencies. 

Types of crafts and products include hand-made scarves, greeting cards based on local art, jewelry, organic foods, traditional cutlery, and many others. 

A couple of the specific artisan groups include the Group Disability Fair for Disabled Workers, a craft fair aimed at supporting disabled artisans in Córdoba.  Another organization is Quilindo, which is based in the small towns of Deán Fúnes and Quilino north of Córdoba.  Quilindo focuses on the sales of local art, including prints of paintings, ceramics, basketry, and other crafts. 

4. Strengthening Civil Nonprofit Organizations: Commitment Solidarity

Commitment Solidarity is an internal program within Fundación Ideas aimed at increasing the human resources, sourced primarily from developed countries of Europe and North America.

Project participants focus on assisting Fundación Ideas with the development of new programs, such as responsible tourism, intensive Spanish courses, and cultural immersion.  They also focus on the program participant support structure, including accommodations, medical insurance, and related issues for current and future volunteers, interns, and students.

The basic principle of Commitment Solidarity is to create a self-sustaining structure in which participants contribute through a financial donation and their specific expertise to support the education, economic, and social programs of Fundación Ideas.

Here are some examples:

a)    Program development (new ideas and improvements to existing programs)

b)    E-commerce design, strategy development, and web site maintenance to improve information distribution to and communication with the target audience

c)    Create and maintain international relations to improve the efficacy and scope of Fundación Ideas and its partners throughout the world

d)    Ensure that program participants have an enriching and informative experience during their stay in Argentina

5. Additional Program Customization

a) Lectures on Cooperative Development Theory

Lectures are taught by experienced, knowledgeable professors from the local universities in Córdoba.  Topics include nonprofit organization, sustainable local development, education, Argentine history, citizenship, and other topics related to the interests and goals of the participant.

Courses are taught on-site at the Fundación Ideas office, allowing for convenient, focused discussions between the professors and participants.  This is a unique component of the program, giving participants the opportunity to better understand the Argentine perspectives on the world and their place in it.

b) Intensive Spanish Language Courses

Program participants can opt for Spanish language courses at local schools in Córdoba.  This is an excellent option for those seeking to further master their language skills and understand some of the unique differences in Argentine Spanish.  Courses include two to four classes per week and the associated homework.

Paid or Unpaid: Unpaid

Location:  Massachusetts

NH Office
International Business- Electronics trade
ability to use search engines..
familiarity with internet..
helpful if familiar with IM
Paid or Unpaid: Unpaid

Location: Missouri

Interns will work with Guest and Volunteer services by greeting and assisting guests, supervising and training new volunteers, and general maintence of the facility.

General Requirements:
-Prior experience working with pepople
-Prior courses in the field of communication, business, and/or public relations.

-Interns must have a 2.5 GPA or be working towards a degree in a relevant field.
-Must be able to complete a total of 140 hours by working no less than 4, but no more than 16 hours a week.

Also, at the end of the internship, interns will be required to present a portfolio/project which will be presented to the staff when the intern is nearing the end of the program.
Paid or Unpaid: Unpaid

Location: California

The intern's duties will vary from day to day but will always be set in order to aid in the continuation of the record label. Such activities might include: working with a bands street team, updating social networking sites, or working with marketing tactics.

There is also room for advancement with interns who have a good hear for music and are willing to help search for new bands for the company.

Paid or Unpaid: Unpaid

Location:  California

Intern will be responsible for reviewing websites and comparing their approaches and best practices to the ones of PHI. They will then have to summarize their findings and present a report to the CCCH.

Paid or Unpaid: Paid

Location:  New York

Interns in this program will work to expand a new program for students who are looking for advice about what college or university to attend. The intern will be responsible for researching and writing advice articles for the online website.

Paid or Unpaid: Paid

Location:  New York

Interns will be responsible for aiding in a new, up-and-coming, eco-friendly company, that is devoted to making the world a greener place to live.

Interns will assist the company by aiding in customer relations, marketing design, and advertisement deals.
Paid or Unpaid: Paid

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