"I like that usa-internships.com offers a wide variety of internships and that many are paid. I feel it was worth the membership fee." -Anna Marcos

"Thank you so much. I will be working on a cruise ship starting in January."
Danvine Miscloweitz

"I worked for a producer for the last two months and enjoyed my experience. I learned a lot. I had to go back home but have dreams of working in the Hollywood someday."
Anh Pham, Thailand

"Incredible resource for international students."
-Roy, German Intern

"I was recently accepted for an internship with a law office in Los Angeles this summer. I am very excited to start!"
-Mila, US Student


Finding the Right Internship—Employers Are Seeking Motivated Students Just Like You

Internships can be highly competitive, and employers offering internships to college students expect to find bright, motivated talent who are ready to learn and work. Internships are not just about low-cost labor for employers or college credits for students; internships are an invaluable way to provide hands-on education and training, promote professional networking and fill needed positions with invested candidates. Employers that offer internships benefit by finding students who have a great preliminary knowledge base and are ready for practical, résumé-building experience. Students who participate in internships benefit from gaining skills and knowledge that can only come from hands-on experience. 

Where Do I Start When Looking for an Internship?

In the past, the process to find an internship was unnecessarily complicated, often relying on time-consuming searches and personal connections. However, the internet and the growth of websites like USA Internships has given students the tools they need to quickly search for and apply to available internships in their fields. Instead of searching company after company’s website, students can find a one-stop source for information on these internships and then apply directly to the companies. Many employers offering paid internships do not publicly advertise their positions, but instead post their paid internships directly to USA Internships so that they know only serious candidates will apply.

What Are Some Tips for Landing a Good Internship?

Because internships, especially paid internships, are often very competitive, time is of the essence. You want to make sure that you have your résumé complete and ready to submit so that you aren’t derailed during an application by the need to create one. If you are an international student, understand your timeframe and how the process to travel to the US works so that you will know if and when you would be ready to start. Above all else, be prepared for your interview by researching the company ahead of time and thinking about your answers to common interview questions. For example, if you are applying for MBA internships, be ready to talk about what your future goals are and what you hope to accomplish during your internship.

By searching smarter through USA internships and being prepared, you can find the right internship for your future.