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Location: New York

Tasks will include:

basic metric design 
quantity take off preparation
quantity and cost estimate calculations
report preparation assistance
Some field work may be necessary with the tasks. 

Applicants must currently be pursuing a degree path concentration in Civil Engineering with an interest in civil, structural engineering or Construction Management 
Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.5. 
Applicants will be expected to demonstrate enthusiasm, initiative, versatility and the ability to multitask. 
Previous internship experience and proficiency in various MS Office and CAD software are preferred. 

Applicants must state in their applications whether they have current security clearance specified. Applications without this information will not be considered.
Preference will be given to candidates living in the proximity ofthe work location. 
Paid or Unpaid: Unpaid

Location: Austin, TX


A Technical Department Intern will provide support to the three areas of the department : Design and Construction, Traffic and Revenue, and Operation and Maintenance helping each of the teams depending on the existing workload to perform simple tasks such as data collection, data analysis, preparation of report sections, measurement of quantities in schematic drawings. The intern will be involved both in tasks related to new projects as in providing technical support to existing projects under construction or operation. Senior members of the technical  team will provide training and guidance and will drive the intern through different aspects of the technical work needed in the PPP sector.

Essential Duties:

  • D&C Support
    • Assists in the production of engineering drawings and calculations
    • Participates in conducting engineering investigations and planning work by completing well-defined tasks, which may include collection and analysis of data using established procedures, performance of routine calculations, and participation in evaluating the feasibility of alternate solutions
    • Prepares assigned sections of reports working under the close review of an experienced professional
    • Performs data acquisition and analysis, researching the feasibility of alternative design approaches, site conditions, and/or regulatory agency specifications or regulations
    • Performs field observations for new project’s procurements and for construction works where appropriate
  • O&M Support
    • Support on the development of  Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Cost Models in Excel for inclusion into overall Financial Models that are generated to study the feasibility of investing in new highway projects
    • Gather relevant data from sources such as the RS-Means cost database, project design drawings, Request for Information (RFI), Request for Proposal (RFP), environmental assessments, and design reports to conduct analysis of O&M expenditures for new proposals and existing concessions
    • Support on monitoring  O&M costs for existing concessions by collecting data on concessionaries from the O&M benchmarking system
    • Prepare presentations, reports, consultant/vendor comparison statements, and other necessary documents to be used within the Technical Department
  • T&R Support
    • Analyze traffic and socioeconomic data of the concession companies and their area of influence
    • Define, implement and analyze traffic data collection programs including but not limited to traffic counts, market research surveys, opinion polls and travel time surveys.
    • Prepare memos examining trends, leading indicators and travel patterns within regions of interest to the company
    • Evaluate the feasibility and usefulness of additional traffic data collection and market research


Education & Experience:

  • Bachelor  in Civil Engineering
  • No previous experience is required


Professional Qualities:

  • Effectively manage tasks and strict deadlines with independence 
  • Ability to interact with colleagues in a self-managed team structure
  • Must be able to multitask, problem solve, and implement innovative processes within a fast paced environment
  • Superior quantitative skills
  • Superior writing and verbal communication skills, particularly technical report writing skills


Computer Skills:

  • Must be able to demonstrate computer proficiency, especially with Microsoft Excel, Word and Power Point and other PC based programs
  • Proficiency in Microstation and Geopak preferred
Paid or Unpaid: Paid

Biofuels have been presented as an important option for energy supply, notably as renewable substitutes for fossil fuels. By many they are considered a renewable and endless resource, since they are produced from biomass, reputed as renewable. Besides, it is a current believe that, by replacing oil products, their use could reduce greenhouse gases emissions. Yet, there are voices that point out that any biomass production and industrial transformation requires the use of fossil fuel energy, in the form of fertilizers, agrochemicals, machinery, and for inputs and raw material transportation. Besides that, monoculture might result in soil degradation, natural ecosystem destruction and a competition among energy and food crops for arable land. Embodied Energy Analysis (Emergy) is being used to evaluate the energy requirements involved in the production of biofuels. Main objectives of the offered practical program is to assess the sustainability of ethanol produced from sugarcane and examine the environmental feasibility of a large-scale production through the use of embodied energy analysis and assessment. List of main tasks: Research existing biofuels (sugarcane) farming systems typical of south Florida and other production areas; Evaluate biofuels production systems, considering all the inputs necessary to drive a process; Quantify the needed inputs, such as nature’s contributions (water, soil, biodiversity, etc.) and the the human economy contributions (chemicals, machinery, fuel, etc.); Calculate and convert the input/output values of the ethanol production in various functional units (e.g. 1 kg of sugarcane, 1 liter of ethanol, etc.); Assess the sustainability of ethanol produced from sugarcane; Examine the environmental and economical feasibility through the use of Emergy Assessment; Create new and maintain existing related websites.
Paid or Unpaid: Unpaid


Paid or Unpaid: Unpaid

Brea, CA
microstrategy (BI Software)Training /Placement 

Golden Spiral is a consulting firm of information technology professional services to organization of all sizes. We are an established Staffing and Consulting Company specializing in Business Intelligence, Data Integration and Data warehouse.

Golden Spiral is actively recruiting talent in several regions throughout the United States. We offer great career opportunities, locally-based work and the chance to work for world-class clients. we are looking for technically strong, energetic, career oriented CPT/OPT/F1 students. We provide customized and sometimes one-on-one training to individuals. As long as you are hard working individual, we will help in building successful careers.

  • Bachelor of Science student (4 year college Degree) in Computer science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Engineering, Math... ETC
  • Excellent Communication and Presentation skills a MUST !
  • Basic knowledge on computer
  • Good to have SQL /Database knowledge
We Offer:
  • Free job oriented training by experts
  • Job placement after Microstrategy training. Also we can hire for in house project
  • H1B Transfer, GC process for qualified Microstrategy candidates
Paid or Unpaid: Paid

Location: Across the US

Description:10-20 students needed.   Must have F1 status, must be enrolled in, or accepted into, a master's or doctoral program, have appropriate work permit
Paid or Unpaid: Paid

Location: Auburn Hills, Michigan

you should:
  • show leadership skills
  • have some hands on experience with cars
  • experience with engines a plus
  • high level of technical knowledge
Paid or Unpaid: Paid

Location: Florida

- How to design a PV System (Sizing and estimates for Residential and Commercial Customers)

 From Modules to Inverters and length of cables, combiner boxes and disconnect, you will need to integrate all your knowledge and the tools you will be given to solve our customer’s requests.

- How to use Computer drawings, applying AutoCad to Renewable Energy sector

Optional, but very useful when evaluating the mechanical and material aspect of the system. You will have to get familiar with the different mounting systems we are selling, from regular tilted rooftop to stand alone pole and tracking systems

- You will be in charge of managing specific project according to his area of interest under the supervision of one of our engineers.

We may need to have you set up a small lab in our warehouse to test both panels and inverters on a regular basis, especially materials that have been returned to us. You will have to test these products and maintain a database that our team could use for further sales, rating by type and efficiency all solar modules currently being offered as well as inverters and batteries.

- Helping to educate the public on solar electric power by writing for our web site.

Weekly job: writing on blogs, promoting the company and the knowledge you acquired.

- Analyzing current solar systems on the market and doing efficiency comparisons and price / watt comparisons. In the solar industry, many prices are not standard, so you will have to go through the many competitors website and understand their pricing policy and make sure the comparison are relevant and clear.

- Analyzing customer type, location, application, demand curves, energy conservation measures, all aspects of solar market demand.

Solar energy doesn’t make any sense if not coupled with a serious energy audit of the residence or building. Energy audit will be one of the task you will have to deal with too.

BS or MS

Basic knowledge of PV systems mechanism
Paid or Unpaid: Unpaid

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